Strategy and policy development, supply chain structuring

Businesses frequently look to change their business model to increase customer and shareholder value. Whether setting up operations in new markets, introducing central procurement, moving production to lower cost countries, relocating personnel or integrating acquisitions, we can help devising a strategy, a step-by-step approach and continuously monitor the progress and measure results.

Some of the key areas where ITA can assist your business include:

  • leading discussions on the TP strategy formulation for your new and upcoming operations, advising and helping you to formulate an efficient transfer pricing policy in line with the latest Global TP developments, including implementation thereof.
  • determining potential exit charges, permanent establishment risks and preservation of tax attributes (e.g. losses) on the movement of functions, assets and risks.
  • identifying and addressing other tax risks including CFC issues, sales taxes and custom duties.
  • managing the right level of substance required taking into account commercial needs and tax risk.
  • cost allocation studies and cost sharing arrangements.
  • setting and defending an length transfer pricing policy with supporting documentation.
  • Helping your business embed new policies and effect change.
  • Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs).

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