TP documentation and Economic analysis

Businesses with cross border related party transactions need to provide transfer pricing documentation to tax authorities that demonstrate and support the arm’s length nature of relevant cross border transactions. ITA has the expertise in the local transfer pricing regulations to assist you in developing documentation that complies with the local and global requirements.

ITA can perform:

  • transfer pricing risk assessment to identify and address your transfer pricing exposures.
  • interviews with the functional heads of your business to understand business strategies having a bearing on the pricing and document the functional, assets and risk analysis.
  • searches on multiple databases including S&P’s Compustat North American Database U.S. Database, OneSource, OSIRIS and KTmine to calculate the key Industry ratios for benchmarking purposes.
  • transfer pricing documentation required as per BEPS Action 13, including Master File, Local File and Country-by- country report.
  • providing assistance in preparation of form T106 and ensuring timely filing.

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