International Tax

If you are looking to save on tax and sustainable growth strategy for your business, then we are here to help to create a customized solution for you. Specifically, in the International Tax arena, sometimes tax is the single largest expense for many mid size and small size businesses. ITA can develop a customized strategy that fits your situation to minimize your tax liability and maximize your refunds.

Businesses frequently look to change their business model to increase customer and shareholder value. Whether setting up operations in new markets (and or new countries), introducing central procurement, moving production to lower cost countries, relocating personnel or integrating acquisitions, ITA can help devising a strategy, a step-by-step approach and continuously monitor the progress and measure results.

ITA provides International Tax and Transfer Pricing Services. Businesses requiring advice on existence of permanent establishment, supply-chain structures and with cross border related party transactions benefit from the knowledge and experience provided by ITA.

Tax authorities are increasingly challenging the pricing of related party transactions. ITA’s transfer pricing professionals help navigate multinational companies through any such disputes. In the event of an audit or tax authority enquiry, ITA can help you develop a defence strategy based on relevant local and international legislation, guidance and practice. where there has been a transfer pricing adjustment, we will guide you through the Mutual Agreement Procedure (“MAP”) under relevant tax treaties and the EU Arbitration Convention to avoid double taxation or to negotiate Advance pricing agreements (“APA”s).

Transfer Pricing services

Transfer pricing services offered by ITA include:

  • Advising on inter-co pricing for goods and services
  • Determining valuation and returns from intangibles
  • Transfer Pricing documentation to be in compliance with the regulations
  • Assistance during CRA audits
  • Drafting and reviewing global and regional proposals from pricing perspective, reports, inter-company agreements i.e. MSA & ITSA;
  • and Advice on thin-capitalization and debt pricing, safe harbour exemptions, internationally mobile employees and intellectual property pricing and planning.